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I completed my Bachelor's degree in Engineering Science, specializing in Software Engineering. My academic journey was augmented by my role as a research software engineer intern at Meta's Reality Labs Research, where I honed my expertise in virtual reality within the software industry.

In parallel to my academic and professional pursuits, I founded Frostack Games, a gaming startup, through the Summer Company program in Richmond Hill. This initiative not only led to the successful launch of our debut game, "They're Coming," on Steam but also allowed us to venture into community engagement. We organized a hackathon that attracted over 200 participants, fostering innovation and collaboration in the gaming community.

Current Work

Presently, I'm dedicated to my MEng degree in EECS at UC Berkeley, specializing in Visual Computing and Computer Graphics. I'm deeply immersed in developing applications that seamlessly blend XR technologies, artificial intelligence, and mobile platforms. I'm also involved in planning "Pinnacle," often called the Olympics of hackathons, where I hold a position of VP of Monetary Sponsorships.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I'm actively involved in two distinct projects:

  1. Restoring Blue Goji's AR app, "Furiends," for app store re-release 

  2. Enhancing stroke rehabilitation research by implementing realistic conversation flows using XR and AI technology.

Future Goals

Driven by my passion for the entertainment industry, both gaming, and film, my website is committed to exploring the convergence of technology and entertainment. As I progress in my Master's at the Berkeley Fung Institute, my focus is on harnessing technology for the entertainment industry, particularly in AR/VR. Beyond my technical responsibilities, I've been honing my expertise in product design and management.


Building on my experience of winning 13 hackathons and my leadership in innovative ventures like Frostack Games, I'm excited to apply these skills to new challenges, driving forward the intersection of gaming, film, and technology.

my inspiration.

My project work is highly influenced by my non-technical hobbies.

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