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Alexandria Lin

Western University Software Engineering '23
UC Berkeley Master of Engineering '24
12x Hackathon Winner
Intern at Meta and Sun Life Financial
Video Game Business Owner

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Untitled design (16)_edited.jpg

They're Coming - Unity 3D Game

Published with Frostack Games

Wakey wakey! They’re coming, and you don’t have much time. Unfortunately, you are one of the unlucky living beings to wake up here in the Asylum. No one remembers how they got here, but few survivors can forget the chilling experiences that occur. The entities haunting this madhouse won’t let you go. That’s why you have to ward them off. Keep them calm. If you get them angry, it’s over.

RUHacks Logo (3).gif

AccessiLearn - Unity VR Game

1st Place Overall + Pinnacle Qualification
(RU Hacks)

Welcome to AccessiLearn VR! Our goal is to create learning modules using accessibility features for children with developmental disorders.

Untitled (1280 × 720 px).gif - Swift iOS App

2nd Place Overall (HackBattle)

Featured as Staff Picks on Devpost

Snap a photo or choose from your gallery. Our AI analyzes and instantly categorizes the object as garbage, recycling, or compost, with results tailored to your location's waste disposal laws.

Untitled design (30).png

Glimpse - Swift iOS App

Top 5 Projects (Capstone Project at Western University)

This app will allow users to take a photo or upload an image. Using image recognition, the image will return tags and use artificial intelligence (OpenAI) to return a song that fits the mood.

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 5.26.25 PM.png

Return to the Elemental Realm - Unity 3D Game

4th Year Project (Western University)

Complete puzzles and defeat enemies to find the four orbs and defeat Wren with the power of the four elements.

elemental magic.PNG

Elemental Magic - Unity 2D Game

4th Year Project (Western University)

Save the Goddess Fairy at the end of the enchanted forest using the four elemental fairies whilst defeating enemies and obstacles on the way


uDirect - Unity Mobile Application

1st Overall and And The Oscar Goes To . . . (Lights Camera Hacktion)

Lights, camera… ACTION! Make your directorial debut with uDirect, where you direct your own Oscar-worthy movie.

Cristalle Chronicles (7).gif

The Myth of Myphate - Unity 3D Game

Version 1: 3rd Place Overall + Best Domain (Hackade)
Version 2: Published with Frostack Games

Join Jane and Finch on a multiplayer adventure to restore the crystals of Myphate using the power of Transform.


BizNest - Adobe Prototype

Instagram/Adobe Creative Jam Submission

BizNest empowers small businesses by spreading awareness to individuals unfamiliar with local companies including Gen-Z and newcomers to an area. As a result, we took a social media approach in developing our application to modernize business interactions.  business community.

Copy of Rainbow Connect UI.gif

Rainbow Connection - Virtual Avatar Social Network

1st Overall and Best Pride Hack

Virtual interactive 3D space for people in the LGBTQ+ community to meet new friends and find potential dates

Nexus reality.gif

Nexus Reality - Unity VR Game

1st Place Overall  
1st in Gaming
(Hack Reality)

Tired of reality? Step into Nexus, a place where the world revolves around you.

Decade Game (6).gif

Femistory - Unity 3D Web Game

2nd Place Overall (Superposition)

Take a trip to the past and educate yourself on the history of feminism and women accomplishments in tech through learning and gaming!

If the sum of three times of y is equal

Escape from Neofalls - Unity 3D Web Game

2nd Year Project (Western University)

This is an RPG game that revolves around a prince who has lost his memories and has found himself in a mysterious castle. A “mentor” named Mirthal instructs him to find four keys to escape the castle. Mirthal will accompany the player throughout the game to guide him through the castle.

Festival Faire (5).gif

Festival Faire - Unity 3D Web Game

Best Female Hack (PickHacks)

Festival Faire is a fictional festival celebrated by Canadians all over the country. Gather round for a weekend full of games, entertainment and great performances.

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 3.15.55 PM.png

Astoria & the Mysterious Realm - Unity 2D/3D Web Game

Best Entertainment Hack - Sponsored by Disney

Join Astoria on a journey to the Quaternion realm to discover her identity as a lost princess. In this adventure, you will discover secrets & help solve math problems to restore the power of the city.


Journey to Rehabilitation - Unity VR Game

Pinnacle Submission

A gamified rehabilitation centre that incorporates multiple methods of pain relief.

White Modern Cyclone Earth Science Poste

Galaxy Galore - Unity 3D Web Game

1st Place Overall
(Hackers of the Galaxy)
Best Gamification for Education
Sponsored by Microsoft
(TechTogether Atlanta)

Welcome to Galaxy Galore! Discover the wonders of the universe in this immersive and interactive game.


Culture Connect - Javascript HTML/CSS Web App with Firebase

Neighborhood Hacks Submission

Community app that celebrates cultural diversity and allows users to learn new culture-specific skills.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 2.13.17 AM.png

Middle School Adventures with Juliet - Javascript HTML/CSS Web App

Best in Entertainment (CUNY Hackathon)

You are Juliet, a new girl at Eastside Middle School. Using social awareness, navigate yourself through school and make the right choices.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 2.17.30 AM.png

Learn by Listening - Javascript HTML/CSS Web App

Hackathon Submission (Hackville)

Welcome to Learn by Listening! Our project not only educates users using music and trivia, but caters to YOUR mood. How are you feeling today?

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 2.22.05 AM.png

Efficient 911 Assists - Python Streamlit web app

2nd Place Overall (Western Engineering Conpetition)

First responders are critical in recovery and saving the lives of citizens. However, after any crises, resources are in high demand, but at a limited supply.


The Ideal App - Flutter Dart Mobile App

1st Year Project (Western University)

A mobile application coded from scratch for IDEAL WAY that gamifies pre-existing teaching material by implementing storyline and charades games.


Robot Wars - Java GUI Program

5th Place Overall

Robot Wars: The Last Scientist is an interactive storytelling science game taking place in the year 2325 where your actions affect the outcome of the universe.

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