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Alexandria Lin's Resume



Bachelor of Engineering Science, Software Engineering       Sept 2019 - Apr 2023

Western University, London ON - Graduated with Distinction


Master of Engineering EECS, Visual Computing and Computer Graphics   Aug 2023 - May 2024

University of California, Berkeley CA - MEng Fung Excellence Scholarship





XR Research and Application Developer @ UC Berkeley       Oct 2023 - Present

UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Video Demo: Click Here  Course Paper: Click Here

  • Split into two portions, class work with research paper and assisting postdoc Edward Kim’s research team

  • Developing a personalized Stroke Rehabilitation MR app for home-based therapy using Scenic language.

  • Integrating an LLM with an avatar, synchronizing speech and physical behaviors for patient interaction in Mixed Reality.


Capstone AR Product Developer @ Blue Goji         Sept 2023 - Present

UC Berkeley & Blue Goji, Berkeley CA

  • Migrating the "Furiends" AR iOS game into a new server with mentorship from Blue Goji and coaching from UC Berkeley


Research Software Engineer Intern @ Meta             May - August 2022

Meta Toronto Office, Reality Labs Research Agios Department

  • Worked independently on a segment of the large research platform, work was reviewed and contributed to the platform

  • An event based architecture where researchers can create their own custom events to be executed in Unity using a JSON configuration file. Multiple simulations in virtual reality were executed


Founder and Game Developer @ Frostack Games     May 2021 - Present


  • Funded by the Ontario Summer Company program and the Richmond Hill Small Business Enterprise Centre

  • Developed and released Unity Steam game “They’re Coming”

  • Organized FrostHack, a virtual hackathon centered around gaming, recruited 9 sponsors, 250+ registrants, 35 projects


Junior Business Analyst @ SunLife Cloud Centre of Excellence                 May - Aug 2020

Sun Life Financial, Toronto Office

  • Contributed modifications of scripts using Bitbucket (Git) and produced programs with Excel and Visual Studio Code

  • Created documentation on Sunlife website of instruction (API) with various AWS services



MonstroSpin AR  - Augmented Reality iOS Application                                     Oct 2023

UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA

Video Link: Click Here 

  • Developed a unique Pokemon inspired “gambling” experience  using Unity, ARKit, and image recognition for iOS devices


Glimpse - Swift iOS AI Application Oct 2022 - Mar 2023

Western University, London ON

Link: Click Here

  • Uses Swift, AWS, Amazon Rekognition, and OpenAI to create an artificial intelligence mobile application to suggest music

  • Worked both semesters on the final year engineering Capstone project. Awarded “Best 5 Projects in class” (2nd Popular)

They’re Coming - Fully Released Steam Game                         May - July 2021

Link: Click Here

  • Self directed and collaborated with designers and 3D modelers for video game release on Steam using Unity and C#

  • Over 100 downloads (sold for $4.99 USD) from 23 different countries, over 8 playthroughs on YouTube with influencers


Rainbow Connection - Unity Virtual Networking Application     Jun 2021

Western University, London ON

Link: Click Here 

  • Deployed a multiplayer virtual network using Photon Network/Voice API and Unity/C#

  • 1st Overall at PrideHacks


AccessiLearn VR -  Virtual Reality Application         May 2021

Ryerson University, Remote

Link: Click Here

  • Deployed a Unity game using VR Interaction Framework for RU Hacks creating learning modules using accessibility features for children with developmental disorders.

  • 1st Overall out of 143 teams and invitation to Pinnacle - olympics of hackathons, in Dallas, Texas


Awards (Hyperlinked)

  • ARrive - Swift iOS AR Application (1st Overall @TransportHacks 2023)

  • - Swift iOS AI Application (2nd Overall @HackBattle 2023, featured under Staff Picks on Devpost)

  • Glimpse- Swift iOS AI Application (Top 5 Projects @ Western University 2023)

  • uDirect - Unity Mobile Application (1st Overall & And the Oscar Goes To Award @Lights Camera Hacktion 2022)

  • AccessiLearn VR - Unity VR Game (1st Overall @ RU Hacks 2021)

  • Rainbow Connection - Unity Virtual Avatar Social Network (1st Overall @Pride Hacks 2021)

  • The Myth of Myphate - Unity 3D Game (3rd Overall @ Hackade 2021)

  • Nexus Reality - Unity VR Game (1st Overall @Hack Reality 2021)

  • Femistory - Unity 3D Game (2nd Overall @Superposition Hackathon 2021)

  • Festival Faire - Unity 3D Game (Best Female Hack @PickHacks 2021)

  • Astoria & the Mysterious Realm - Unity 3D Game (Disney Sponsored Prize @AthenaHacks 2021)

  • Galaxy Galore - Unity 3D Game (1st Overall @Hackers of the Galaxy & Microsoft Sponsored Prize @TechTogether 2021)

  • Middle School Adventures with Juliet - Javascript/HTML/CSS Web App (Best Entertainment @CUNY Hackathon 2021)

  • Efficient 911 Assistants - Python Streamlit Web App (2nd Overall @ Western Engineering Competition 2021)




Scripting Languages: Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS, Swift, Dart, mySQL, C++, Unix, 

Relevant Applications/ Tools: Agile/Scrum, Jira, Photon Networking, Unity, Node.js, React, Express, Git, Github, Firebase, xCode, Microsoft Office, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, OpenGL, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Design: Figma, Adobe XD, Unity Animation




Pinnacle Hackathon Sponsorship VP         July 2022 - Present

  • Contacting companies to garner sponsors for the 2024 Pinnacle Hackathon, olympics of hackathons

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